Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Memorial Day 10K

I had plans on running a 5K on Saturday just before I head out of town for the week. I haven't done a real race since the half marathon and I am feeling a little deflated and lethargic. I was taking the daughter to get her glasses fixed and saw a sign for a 5 and 10K Memorial Day run. Upon checking it out, it turns out the race is in some of my old stomping grounds and only about 5 minutes from my parent's home. Since I am going to be fixing shingles on my dad's roof Saturday, this is a great new option for me. Maybe I can beat my last 10K time. The route is fairly flat will only a 85 ft incline over the course and a 98 ft decline so no major hills.

Now I guess I should probably do another run this week before the race.

I also downloaded a couple maps for when I am in Chicago next week. The Westin O'Hare has some 3 and 5 mile routes available that are right by the hotel so a morning run will be fun.

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