Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trail run and Groups

I received the weekly e-mail from the Saturday morning running group that I associate with. The planned run today was a 5.5 mile trail run with some steep up and downs on a single wide trail. I was looking forward to a nice Saturday run. The weather has been perfect, but my last trail run experience left me a little hesitant.

The last trail run (and my first real trail run) left with a sprained ankle that took over a month to heal to the point where I felt confident in putting in a long run. At the same time, I have quite a bit more experience and strength training since the last time I ran. I chose in and met up with the group for what might make or break my future trail running experience. Suffice it to say that this run gave was fabulous. There were only two of us (race season has decreased our numbers) and the trail definitely gave me a good workout. Better still, I left with no injuries. My ankles feel good, my IT band (which has been giving me fits on the left knee) is feeling good.

So, for my next trick, I'll perform "fixing the shingles on the roof" and "cleaning out the garage."

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