Monday, May 4, 2009

Wet T-Shirt Contest

What a wild weekend. There were plenty of beverages, plenty of laughter and loud cheering. There were over 70 participants ranging from 6 years to over 65. It was amazing and some great prizes were given out.

You may be scratching your head right now wondering why we would have 6 year olds at a wet t-shirt contest, but we did. Now that you're disgusted thinking i'm some kind of perv, you can stop it right now.... I'm talking about the Renaissance Academy 5K Race for Literacy that was held on Saturday. 54 people ran the 5K and another 20 ran the 1 mile fun run.

Where do the wet t-shirts come into the picture? The heavens opened up and poured out all the rain that it could find. The early morning started out as minor sprinkles, but by the start of the race it was a major downpour. By the end of the race, it was a tsunami on land. So there were plenty of wet t-shirts, wet technical shirts, wet shoes, wet name it.

The race times were slower than what would have occurred if the conditions were dry, but what can one expect when everyone has added on another 5 lbs. The typical water and gatorade at the end of the race was replaced by Hot Chocolate and Apple Cider. The last three finishers were two kids (one in kindergarten and the other first grade) with their mom. After seeing those two tough it out, I have no excuses for when I look outside and debate whether I will run if it looks like rain.

Oh, and Megan earned her iPod for toughing it out. I found out on Friday that for the past two weeks she and a friend have been training during recesses by running around the school field. Her hot pink iPod will be picked up tonight.

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  1. That is crazy! It never ceases to amaze me how kids can be such an inspiration.

    Hot pink iPod... that will be fun for Megan.