Thursday, April 9, 2009

Half Marathon hiccup

I may have a hiccup in my plans for my first half-marathon. It happens to fall the same week that the kids have Spring Break. You may be wondering what the problem is with that bit of information. The problem is that the family is seriously housebound. Normally by now, the bikes are out, the yard is starting to get scattered with shoes, socks, bikes, etc. and friends are showing up on a regular basis. Not this year. It's been too cold.

As a result of our return to winter (it's currently 38 degrees and raining), the mood around the house is mirroring the weather. Everyone is in need of some time away from here. Even if we go from one rainy location to another rainy location, at least is a different scenery so the feeling is a bit different.

The race is set for Saturday. If we are going to go somewhere it will be a short Thurs-Sun trip since Shera's job is more restrictive than mine as far as taking time off. I have the option of finding a race wherever we end up, but that requires a whole different planning strategy. A friend was planning on doing a half marathon in May and I thought..that's perfect. I checked online and the race is all sold out. So the May race is out.

If the choice is go on a trip with the family so that there is joy and prosperity in all the land then that's where I'm headed. I'll pick up a race somewhere in the next month or two.

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  1. good luck getting it all figured out. there will be lots of races!! a family trip would be fun :)