Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thank You Mizuno

As a runner, I learned a valuable lesson early on....there is no substitute for FREE stuff. Yesterday I did my easy run that was scheduled for Monday. For some reason, my Monday runs seem to always happen on Tuesday. I took the kids to the rec and did an easy two miles with them. After the run, I dragged my son to the local Fleet Feet where the Mizuno Precision Fit-mobile was stationed. I received an e-mail the end of last week announcing a hi-tech way of determining the best shoes for me. That was interesting enough and the $10 off coupon was ok, but what really piqued my interest was the FREE technical shirt being given out just for going through the process.

So, My son (who attributed this trip as just a small step above shopping and gave me crap for it the whole way until I threatened to take away his computer and Wii privileges) and I came to an agreement that he could stay in car while I went through the hi-tech process. And it was way cool. I got to stand on what is a large scanner while it scanned my feet then do some different scans and bends. In the end, it told me that the shoes I have currently are a good choice. I got a nifty print out about my feet and I got the FREE technical shirt out of it.

Today, the plan is to go do an 8 mile interval session. After a nice day in the mid 50s on Saturday, we are back to snow. That means it's the treadmill for me.


  1. just found your blog and wanted to say hello :)

    i am alll about the free stuff too! a free tech shirt is awesome!

  2. Wow...someone else...aron..thanks for stopping by. Are you a fellow blogger or wading through the blog world avoiding work like those of use who post? either way, welcome...