Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Would You Like That in a 5 x7 or 8 x 10?

I reviewed my race photos that were posted online. I felt a certain curiosity because this is the first race that has had photos as an option. In the past, my photo options have consisted of one of the following:
1. A photo taken by my wife after the race (which are generally good)
2. A photo of a person from a distance that may or may not be me
3. A photo that was taken of something else by someone I know and I just happened to get in the way
4. A photo of someone who is not me that my wife took because my kids were sure it was me

Any of the above 4 options are better than the ones taken of me during the race. Here are a few choices I had:
1. Me with my eyes closed. It must be that "zone" that I hear about. I had become one with the universe at that point.
2. Me with my mouth open and a bulge on one side of my mouth. That must have been just after I had stuck the 4 packs of gum in my mouth.
3. One where I looked like I was about to fall over from exhaustion. Ok, so that one was probably on the money.
4. Me looking at the camera with the "you've got to be kidding me, i'm in the middle of running my guts out and you're taking a photo? Like you'll get me to pay $14 for this one" look on my face

I'm thinking that maybe they should offer a digital swap option. They can take the headshot of any of your other photos and merge it to the body of any athlete they offer in their database. I think it would be a big ticket item. Maybe I'd end up looking like Rambo?

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