Tuesday, April 7, 2009

POM Wonderful really is wonderful

Since I have no running to report on because my commitments to being the head of the 40 degree group prevented me from running outside over the weekend, i'll give you my official review on POM Wonderful.

Last week during the return to winter and with a mood about as nasty, I opened the door to find a case of POM Wonderful. First, thank you to Pom Blogger for sending me a case to test.

My first order of business was to digest the fact sheets sent with the case of juice. The information provided was concise, the layout was good (being a designer I look for these things).

So, here's my official review and my 9 year old daughter concurs:

Taste: I've tasted a variety of nutritional juices over the years and I have to say that this was a pleasant change. I expected something bitter that I would have to either hold my nose to drink or mix with something else. It has a little bit of a tart after taste, but not enough to turn my face inside out or anything. It is actually a little on the sweet side (but not overly) which is how I like my juices.

Appearance: The bottle is a cool design..what more do I have to say there. If my oldest were around, he'd probably snatch it up and we'd find it months later stuffed among his other "collectibles".

Serving size: The small bottle makes it easy to drink the whole thing and not think twice. It seemed liked two big swallows and it was half gone. The only downside to having the small bottles is that they take up a lot of space in the refrigerator.

Overall, I enjoy the juice so much that I will probably pick some up at the store instead of passing it by. I ran it by my kids to see how they like it and got these results: 12 yr old-Hey that's not too bad; 11-year old-It's ok, 9-year old: Can I have some more (she is the most adventurous in this arena), wife: It's a little sour

This week I will see how it fairs as an after race drink. My guess is that it will be fabulous.

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  1. Thanks for the reviewing. I've been seeing a lot of this around blogland and I'm still a little too leery about paying the price for it and then ending up not liking it.