Thursday, March 11, 2010

Apologies to Japanese Spammers Everywhere

I would like to extend my apologies to all the Japanese spammers everywhere. The comment on my one year anniversary post was actually posted by a Chinese spammer. Once again Google came through and made a thorough translation of the post...what did we do before Google?

Here is the translation of what was posted "Excellent blog worthy of a postponed again and again to support you." I don't quite get the 'postoned again and again' thing...maybe I'm just not popular enough to get regular spamming from chinese spammers. That just brings back a whole host of memories and insecurities from growing up. Da**n you chinese spammers. This was just a courtesy spam in honor of my one year blogversary. I haven't been accepted into the Chinese spammer club.

On an actual running note..I got out this morning and did 7 myself. I know it seems like lately i've become a co-dependent runner, but i've broken free of those chains and stretched beyond my sphere of influence to get out for more than 3 miles on my own. In perfect runner ego fashion, I saw two ladies running up ahead and had to win so I picked up the pace and zipped by them. It's similar to my driving on trips. The more cars I pass, the more points I get and then the Police Gods will look favorably upon me when zip by one their mortal minions. I'm expecting something similar with the Running Gods.


  1. Nice job. I got in 4 today, but then later hiked about 5 miles caching with my dad. Totally sunburned. See you Saturday.

  2. Freaking spammer guy. Someone posted on 84 of my posts within 10 minutes before I was able to basically take the blog down for a bit. If you go back to some of my old posts you can see that some of them are still there. grrr