Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Jimmy! Oh wait...I'm not Jimmy

It's a birthday celebration today! No, not for Jimmy...for this blog. One year ago today I got this crazy idea that I would start a written account of my journey into the world of running and voila, Another Day, Another Run was started. In the past year, i've chronicled my ups and downs, highs and lows. I thought for this occasion I'd list a few things I've learned this year from personal experience and also from reading other blogs. Here are few of my tops with links.
  • Girl Scout Cookies make an excellent if not slightly messy race fuel.
  • Getting injured sucks. I thought exercise was supposed to prevent that.
  • Running long runs with a group is much easier than listening to my own thoughts.
  • Having a flexible schedule makes a mid-day run easier, but has the draw back of never being in a good rhythm.
  • Owning more than one pair of shoes is a good thing.
  • Trail runs actually are kind of fun.
  • Planning long runs in areas where there are restrooms or really dense wooded areas is a good thing.
  • Using key words like "wet t-shirt" really increase blog traffic.
  • POM juice is good stuff...especially when it comes free.
What can you readers look forward to in this next year? 
  • A new and improved layout...the last one took me 10 minutes. Maybe this time I'll spend 20.
  • At least a few more race reports. Two marathons are on the list and the first half for this year is in 3 weeks. Is there a BQ in my future for 2010...stay tuned.
  • More ramblings about running and running topics.
  • And much, much more....
Thank you to those who have journeyed with me thus far. I look forward to what lies ahead...oh and Happy Birthday Jimmy wherever and whoever you are.


  1. I'll admit, I went to the wet t-shirt contest post...and was disappointed. But, then google saved the day. Oh google, is there anything that you can't find?

    Can't wait for the next year.

  2. Oh look the Japanese Spam/Porn blogger came to wish me well. I'm touched.

  3. That Japanese porn spammer sure has a way with motivating, heartfelt words! He frequents my blog and wow, I just crawl outta bed and hit the pavement running! Lucky you. Nevertheless, I look forward to sharing year #2 with you - happy anniversary!!