Thursday, March 18, 2010

One More Thing to Be Careful of When Running on the Beach

Did you read about the jogger on the beach that was killed by an airplane? A couple thoughts come to mind when I read that story.

1. Man I'm glad I don't have any real beaches around here and of the ones we do have, like I'd drive all that way just so I could run across them.

2. Like we don't have enough things to worry about when running: cars, pedestrians, moms with strollers, crossing guards, etc.. now we have to worry about airplanes? It's getting dangerous out there.

3. At least the person was just a "jogger" and not a "runner". Yes, that's splitting hairs, but it offers me that level of separation so that I don't get overly paranoid so I can rest assured that planes only hit "joggers" not runners like me.

The paper called the plane a "stealth aircraft" because the plane had lost all power and was just gliding. The report wondered why the pilot didn't do something to notify the jogger. I'm sure if the plane had a horn he would have, but this was a home made model rather than the high-tech commercial ones that come with horns pre-installed. I guess the pilot could have opened up his window and shouted something like "plane" to the jogger similar to courteous bikers. I would probably have been like "what? Did I just hear 'plane'" Then I'd turn around and there would be a plane in my face.

There is also always the conspiracy theory that the pilot was a disgruntled runner who had narrowly missed placing in his age division by this jogger and so he thought he'd narrow down the competition.


  1. You know, I never thought about it – but you are right… The pilot does have some sort of liability here too, right? He was gliding, which is fine and certainly an emergency – but couldn’t he have glided just a LITTLE Bit further to not creame the guy?

  2. Maybe they model plane manufacturers will now install horns. Maybe they will all be cool like the "Dukes of Hazard" horn. Of course, then people might be looking for the General Lee and not a plane.