Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Do you remember those days when the only motivation you needed was seeing your running accomplishments and what you still were looking forward to? I remember how excited I was to run 4 miles. The thrill I got when I got turned around and ran 7 instead of 6 or the awe numbing sense of invincibility when I finally hit the 10 mile mark. I miss those days.

Lately though, this has been my diet motivation. In the end though, i've just pushed the whole running aside and gone straight for the reward. Forget the running, sweating, breathing hard and feeling good like accomplished something—just give me the sundae and no one will get hurt. It's time to finish off my bowl of ice cream recommit. Tomorrow I will get out of my chair, log off the computer, strap on the Garmin, and go outside and run to the store to get more ice cream

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