Monday, March 29, 2010

Riverton Half Marathon Report

Here's the play by play...

• Pick up my race bag, shirt and supplies. 
• Go to a Utah Flash game with the kids.
• Get a plate of chicken nachos to split with them.
• Realize after devouring the plate of nachos with a medium salsa that maybe that wasn't the best night before a race choice.
• Get home and set out two clothing options depending on what the weather decides to do. The race starts at 9 am. 

Saturday Morning:
• Get up about 7:00 am, shower and have some breakfast. I opted for the bowl of Wheaties Fuel and a PB sandwich. 
• Take an Immodium because the last thing I want is the nachos from last night reappearing at mile 7.
• Look out the window to see that it is lightly snowing. Maybe the cold weather choice is better than the warmer one.
• Check the iPod to see if it is still far so good. 
• Say goodbye to the kids. They want to stay home for the neighborhood easter season sugar high festival (aka easter egg hunt) to begin rather than come see me finish "...another race."
• Drive to my sister's house in Riverton

At the Starting Line:
• I'm undecided on the weather. It is in the low 30s currently and I'm freezing. I throw on my Mizuno gloves knowing that I can stow them in my jacket if I get too warm. I move to the front of the line next to my friend Supercords. 
• The sun comes out and the temperature jumps 5 degrees. The gloves get stashed and now I'm wondering if I should stash the jacket too.
• I reposition the iPod from my shirt to my shorts so that there won't be as much jostling.

The Race
• Gun goes off or the siren or whatever it was...all I remember is that people started running so I obliged. 
• I start off faster than I anticipated and wonder if I can hold this pace. At mile 1, I realize there is no way I can hold that pace and I slow it down. 
• Mile 3 and the first uphill portion begins. Mile 3 is always where my thought process always wonders why I am doing this. I remind myself that I'm almost 1/4 the way finished with the race.
• My pace is right where I want it to be...hovering a little below 8:00 min/mile. 
• Mile 4 and I'm beginning to warm up. It's not uncomfortable, just warm.
• Mile 6 and we've descended to run along a trail system next to the Jordan River. The new light rail line is being constructed in this area also and a portion of the course is unpaved. The ground is a little spongy from the rain/snow the day before, but it's not muddy. 
• Mile 6. I debate whether to throw my jacket at the aid station coming up. I'm warm, but I don't want to lose the jacket. I opted to just tie it around myself. 
• Mile 7/8 I take part of a gel as I approach and aid station and wash it down with a little water. 
• Mile 11 there is a hill they call the "S" hill. It is a steeper incline that switches back and forth. My pace slows and I actually paused for a second at the top to catch my breath. 
• Mile 12 I realize that I am on track to not only reach my goal, but if I keep the current pace I could actually beat my goal time. 
• Mile 13 I turn onto the street for the finish. 200 yards before the finish I see my friend Supercords who despite his knee problems still is able to kick my butt. I'm thinking that maybe I need to get me a pair of knees like his. My parents and nephews are near the end. I look up to see my time as I stop my Garmin. 1:43:33. 

Finish and Post Race
• The timing crew gives out a printout of my race time and placement before I finish exiting the chute. I don't have to fight my way to the wall where they are posting times.
• The finish medal is nice and they also gave out a hand towel with the logo on it.
• Post race food is standard fruit, bagels, water, hot chocolate, gatorade
• A massage therapy school is giving free massages to the race participants. After cooling down and stretching a bit, I head over and get a massage. 

in the end, the race was well organized. I had a good time. I'll definitely put it on my list for 2011.


  1. This was a good course and I will dominate it next year (when I don't lose my breakfast right before the start).
    Nice time! Love that S hill.

  2. Amen to that...I'll have to add that to my list of grueling hill training runs.

  3. Nice post. It's Monday and I'm still incredibly sore. I was hoping to come across some race photos online before I do my blog post, but I haven't found any. Seems like there were several photographers on the course.


  4. Nice work!!! That is an awesome time. I really like how they give you the printoff of your times etc.

    Do you find that the immodium really works? I've thought about taking that before but I havn't ever given it a try.

  5. Adam, so far the immodium has worked although I haven't exactly done a scientific study nor do I really want to temp fate. I've seen some more potent stuff, but have heard from others that the experience isn't very pleasant.