Friday, March 5, 2010

A Runner's Guide to Street Signs

Yesterday was a perfect morning for a run and a great opportunity to explore. I'm warming up to the off road runs to the point where I'm thinking my next pair of shoes will be a trail pair. I'm no where near considering an Ultra marathon or anything. I'm focused on the Riverton Half and my following runs, but adding in some trails makes it interesting.

I read signs differently now. I never knew that there was a secret runner language until I started running. Here are some examples:

• Caution Do Not Enter = If it isn't burning, exploding or caved in then by all means enter
• Private Property = I'm a private person so I qualify
• Men at work = What? Are you talking to me? You must mean that guy on the bicycle.
• Caution: Military Bombing Zone = new trail each time
• Beware of Dog = Bring a new friend and have him go first
• Road Closed = No vehicle fumes..score!

The list goes on and in 12 miles yesterday.


  1. Why do I feel like I was the impetus to this post? :) Come on, it's not like those construction workers forced us off the trail at gun point. The only signs I really pay attention to are: Warning, trespassers will be shot!

  2. Actually that was one of the most fun runs i've been on. It wasn't the first time that I had jumped a fence or passed by a no trespassing sign.

  3. HA! What about all of the signs that say "don't pee here".

    What is that you say? There are no signs that ever say that? GAME ON!