Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Excuses for Thursday

Yesterday, the plan was to pick the kids up from school, drop off the van, run home with the kids then run back for an easy run. I instead used the excuse of "it's a rest day" and "we don't want to start off to fast" to avoid the fact that I was basically being a lazy butt who wanted to just watch tv and eat ice cream (neither of which happened in the end.) So for today, I worked on some really good excuses that I can be armed with the next time I am in the mood for ice cream.

1. I absolutely cannot exercise because:
-I am solely responsible for keeping the universe in balance between in-shape people and out-of-shape people. If I were to cross over the in-shape then that would mean either the world would end or someone who have to move to being out-of-shape and I can't stand the thought of having that on my conscious.

2. I don't have to exercise because:
-I'm already thin and if I exercise there won't be anything left of me
-I have superior metabolism
-I already have lots of energy

3.I haven't warmed up properly...pass the girl scout cookies and hot chocolate.

4. I get a workout just by watching The Biggest Loser and Survivor

5. I am cross-training today by:
-Walking 12 feet to my mailbox to retrieve the mail
-Skipping 3 blocks down to the local Dunkin' Donuts. If I get two dozen, then it counts as weight training also
-Jumping up 2 times to use the bathroom during the commercial breaks during The Biggest Loser
-Working my arms by opening and closing the refrigerator many times

6. My Spring wardrobe hasn't arrived yet and I would not be caught dead in last years shorts

7. My pronation is bothering me today. There must be a storm coming in.


  1. watching bl is definitely a workout.

  2. Fantastic post! I love compiling excuses myself and these are some I don't have. :}

    I so enjoyed the post that I would love to republish it in Runners' Lounge Know How section with a link and credit back to you and your blog. Would that be ok?


  3. yeah...tearing myself off the couch and the tv to go to the loo definitely counts as a work out!!!! lol