Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Party cloudy...Periods of bright Sunshine

My Facebook page yesterday stated that I was a little black rain cloud. I was a bit pissed and down. Today, I am doing much better. I told my wife that I am just partly cloudy with periods of sunshine. That's better than our return to winter. Another storm is coming in tonight and we are expecting 3 inches of snow. I'm waiting for the global warming to start. I'm ready for the sun.

Since the weather was nasty I took my run indoors. A 7 mile tempo run was on the docket for today. As much as I hate running on the treadmill, I have to admit that I can keep my tempo runs consistent when the machine is set for my speed. I did some good stretching before starting and my ankle pain or soreness. I have been icing and advil 'ing it pretty well so maybe that assisted in keeping in feeling good.

After doing 7 miles, my mood definitely improved.

Oh, one other funny thing happened. I got an e-mail from a teacher at my children's school telling me she had water bottles and I could have them for the school upcoming 5k in May. I was thinking "water in bottles" like is typical after many races. I went to the school and she opened her office with these big boxes and was moving them around with no problem. She said those were it and opened one of the boxes. Inside were Blender shaker bottles. She was given them from a company that went out of business and the faculty didn't want any more. I now have 210 of these bottles in my living room. I put one to use after my run and it does a nice job of mixing a recovery shake.

Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to be a high of 37 degrees. Saturday is slated for 57 then it drops again next week. It's wacky weather time.

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