Thursday, March 26, 2009


Did someone forget to tell mother nature that Spring is here? How many weather men must we throw in the volcano to appease the weather gods? The die hard runners that I always cheer on in bad weather aren't even out today. Maybe they all are frozen mid-stride. That would be kind of an interesting site to see...snow runners.

I watched the weather forcast while on the treadmill, ok, well it was more like 4 different channels of weather forecasts repeated every 30 minutes. They all said that it was to start warming up today and then Friday and Saturday would be good. I've got 2 inches of snow and howling winds outside..I do see a patch of blue off in the distance surrounded by gray menacing clouds. The blue sky is being overrun by the evil gray cloud's like something out of the Narnia movie.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning for some mysterious reason and couldn't go back to sleep. My wife and I decided to go to the gym at her work. I did some obligatory core building and then did an easy mile and a half. I knew the treadmill was laughing at me (this is the same one that threw me off during the winter) telling me that it knew I would be back. Treadmills suck.

The kids have a PTO day today because i'd rather have them miss one day of school where the most exciting thing that will happen is lunch (no outdoor recess because of the weather so that makes it even less exciting) than drive in this kind of weather. I'm all for staying off the roads when all the crazy's are out. Here are a few people on the road today.

The news truck went off the road and became a highlight of this morning.

This guy probably put it in 4 wheel drive and was going 80 mph.

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