Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just Keep Running

I must be addicted if I am starting a blog about my personal running journey. It all started over a year ago when several co-workers and I were having lunch with a vendor. He rattled on about his own experience at peer pressure at his work to train for a marathon. All of the sudden, someone at our table piped in that it "would be fun" to train for one also. The next thing I know, I have committed myself to actually doing something that requires more physical activity than walking out of my house and to my car. 
I now own more running shoes than any other pair of shoes. My casual, everday shoes are my Asics 1120s and I can't wait for my next issue of Runners World to come and my kids have declared that Fridays are "no talking about running" days. How did I become engaged in such elicit activity? I still wonder. 

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