Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Winter Part 2 Sucks

I am very much ready for the Spring to finally be here and to be done with snow and cold weather. Yesterday it was nasty all day with the wind and blowing snow off and on...it just didn't make for a motivating run day. Saturday and Sunday my ankle felt great and I was beginning to think I had turned a corner and would be able to continue without the nagging ache. It had other ideas though. I took the kids running and did a mile running and walking with them then decided i'd do another 2 or 3. My body had other plans though and after one I was complete. Both my ankles were hurting (the other one I think was just feeling bad about not getting any attention) and my knees were aching (I believe for the same reason...they are all so jealous).

Then I am coming home from a frustrating run to get a phone call from the Publisher of the company I do design for (used to be my boss, now is my client). He called to inform me that he had chosen a different candidate for the new GM position that recently opened. What a way to end the run.

I am grateful that the Publisher called me and gave me a heads up before he announced it in a meeting, but it made for a shitty day.

By the end of the week, the highs will be back in the 50s...I can't wait.

I'm so ready for Spring.

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  1. Sorry. :( I'm ready for spring too. This weather sucks.