Thursday, March 19, 2009

Snacks and nutrition

I came into a client's office today to get some work done. As I was leaving my stomach informed me that the breakfast I had eaten no longer was around and it deserved some attention. I ran through my list of possibilities of what would work that i could take with me. A few that came to mind are:
Granola bar-i've done that the past few days and am tired of it
Clif bar-If I had one that would be a nice idea
Nuts-There weren't enough in the can
Peanut butter-good choice, but messy
Banana-No thanks...good in smoothies, gross by themselves

It was getting rather bleak and with a few hours until lunch. The little lightbulb went on and I grabbed a package of saltines. Odd choice you may think, but I remember a staff meeting with my client a few weeks ago where I supplied peanut butter and saltines as a meeting snack. I bet on the fact that there would still be peanut butter left. I was right...there is still peanut butter and those that were in the office lit up when they saw me with saltines.

Food just doesn't last as long as it used to unless it is something really heavy like a hamburger combo meal from Apollo Burger (my own personal mecca). I'm interested in hearing any other good snacks that are easy to prepare, good on the go, taste good and are filling.

On another note, this week I am scheduled for some easy 5-6 mile runs and then a longer run on Saturday. I dropped the van off at the school and the kids and I ran/walked to home (about 1.5 miles). I left them to do their chores and did another 5. It felt good to be in the sun. By the end of my run, the afternoon wind had picked up to about 15 miles/hour and the last 1/2 mile was into the wind. My ankle and achilles tendon were sore, but since advil/alleve and ice are my new BFFs they were feeling better later in the evening.

Today, I'll do a run with the kids again and then just loop back to the school for an easy 3-4 miles.


  1. I use the cottage cheese single serving things as a snack or an apple. Or recently I've started making homemade trail mix that I bring in a little plastic bag. I use granola, almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins and craisins and it's delicious

  2. The mini carrots, apples, I like bananas, Triscuits (sun-dried tomato and olive oil or the black pepper ones are good), peanut butter eaten with a spoon isn't too messy.