Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shoe Shopping

It's time to buy some new shoes for my son. Shoe shopping for me is almost like a religious experience. My shoes have to connect with me on a deeper level than just the outside appearance. It's almost like we have to connect soul to soul before I could put down the cash to get them. My son looks at this process as something that has been banned by the current political administration. His thought process is..."how fast can I get out of here".

I think we've worked out a treaty in this process. I will spend time finding the right shoe for my budget and then present it to him. I spent a few hours last night looking on line and found a pair of asics for him at a good price. This morning, when I presented the option to him, he glanced at them and said "ok". There was no analyzing or becoming "one" with this particular shoe. It was just ok...i've got a long way to go....

[note: Just back from the running store. After a brief trip to Kohl's we stopped in at Fleet Feet and picked up some shiny new asics 1140s. He has that magical new shoe glint in his eye and I know he's thinking he's just shaved a minute off his per mile pace :). They cost a little more, but he's worth it and I picked up some new socks while I was there so we both won.]


  1. Lol, you've got issue my friend. I'm with your son on this one.

  2. My preference is to find a brand and model of shoes that work for me and then order subsequent pairs online. Saves me money and time.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment about the redesign! Glad to hear you found some acceptable shoes for your son!