Friday, March 13, 2009

'Twas The Day Before a Race

I thought it would be cool if I could go off the same rhyming as the popular Christmas tale. I couldn't get past the start.

It's pre-race day. For me, my thoughts are not filled with pacing, form and hydration. Those would all be great things to be going over. No....I am concerned with more important items...race day fashion. I have been working on all the former items for weeks, yet last night my mind decided to grapple this one item that I obviously haven't spent enough time worrying about. The weather tomorrow is scheduled to be a balmy 56 degree high. That means at race time, it should be around 45 which is almost t-shirt, shorts and sandal weather. The question comes to mind as to what do I deserve to wear. Should I be brave and go in just shorts and a technical shirt. Should I wear my long running pants and my wicking long sleeve top? These are all decisions I have to make. What will my finish line photo look like? This race last year I was suffering from an IT band issue and was just glad to finish the race. Last year my outfit was a miss matched collection of whatever I could find.

I want to make a good impression on all those people who might recognize me. They let me pass last year because it was my first official race, but this year I better be prepared for the scrutiny. Have I improved my overall runner appearance? After all, I am representing the sport as a whole. What if Runner's World comes and is looking to publish the best and worst dressed runners. Where would I fit? Would I be a disgrace to my family and friends if I grace the cover as one of the worst dressed runners? Or will I be one of the best and end up with a sponsor who will outfit me in all their apparel and put on all their advertising? This is what is running through my head today.

Does anyone else think like this? I'd like to know. Since this is a new blog and so far I only know of one person who reads it, this may be more of a rhetorical question, but it is one that bugs me. If I broach this concern with my wife, she will give me that look (all you married men know the look) and say something like "buddy" or "it's time you find a different addiction." Until then, i'll worry about it. I'll be the one in the middle of the pack evaluating what everyone else is wearing and fidgeting with my outfit.


  1. Here's my tips. Wear shorts and the tech tee and cut up a plastic bag to put around yourself before the race starts. Or you could use old tube socks to pull up your arms before the race and then yank off and toss out once you get warm.

  2. Well, now there are at least 2 of us who read your blog. :) Welcome to Blog World!

    You elicited several chuckles from me with your post. Me thinks you have approached the day before the race perfectly -- with humour. Runner's World's Best and Worst Dressed was my favourite.

    But, seriously, that would be a bit of a dilemma. At 45°, I wear shorts and a long-sleeved technical shirt and maybe light gloves (probably not, though, if I knew the temp would go up). Even at 56°, though, I think I could stand the long-sleeved tech shirt, so that's probably what I would do.

    Here's a potential start for your Pre-race ballad:

    'Twas the day before a race
    And what was on my mind?
    If Runner's World is there,
    Will they be unkind?

    If my shirt doesn't match
    Or I wear the wrong thing
    Will my picture on the cover
    Make me cry or sing?

    If I humiliate my family
    And I make them think,
    "What was he doing?",
    Will they make a big stink?

    (OK, you'll have to take it from there.)

  3. Thank you for the comment...I think I dogged a bullet on the outfit it being only about 40 degrees when the race started.