Monday, March 16, 2009

Pi day

Today has a been a motivational black hole. I've spent some time delving deep to find out the root cause of this lack of motivation (I can also use this as a great way to avoid doing anything). I am theorizing that part of it stems from an utter lack of decent dietary habits over the weekend. After the race on Saturday, the eating healthy** me leaves for a vacation and offers the good-for-nothing brother to watch after the house. This past weekend was no exception, but I have a good excuse this week. It was "Pi" day. No, not "P-I-E" day, but "P-I" as in that number taught in math that goes on for infinity (3.14.....).

This is one of those little known holidays, but one of my favorite. Each year on March 14, pi day must be observed by consuming anything that can be linked to the word pie. Saturday's dinner consisted of pizza and pie. Saturday night I discovered that Wal-Mart sells mini-pies for only 58 cents. I could buy a big pie for $5.00 or get 10 little ones for just a little more. So, of course I had to buy only makes economic sense. But that is not all, there are other reasons why I bought all those little pies...they contained all my favorite ingredients. I am a huge fan of "partially hydrogenated," "corn syrup," "modified corn starch," "natural and artificial flavors," (they are twins) and then last but not least let's not leave out "natural and artificial colors" (the other twins). I was doomed from the beginning. The powerful force involved in those ingredients was too much to resist. I blame my lack of willpower of the race officials from Saturdays 10K for not having any of my ingredient friends there to cheer me on.

So, now that I have successfully put the accountability of my poor motivation today squarely on the shoulders of those who deserve it. Now I can sit back and relax...whew...that was close.

** This word is used very loosely and should not be used around people who use the phrase "balanced diet" on a regular basis.


  1. Haha I love Pi day too and I had pizza for lunch to celebrate!

  2. Thanks for the clarification on "healthy" mister off-to-the-lunch-mecca every time you come into the office. ;)

  3. Are you knocking my religious past-times, Kim? Tradition is a big part of my running strategy. It's just like baseball players that turn their hats around for a rally. What would my running experience be like if I didn't stop?